A la Maison

A lot in the world seems overwhelming right now. And sometime visiting design shows can feel frivolous. But this Autumns Maison Objet was was still an inspiring creative delight and there was a lot of design to feel good about. Things made to last, designs made with such care and thought. Less consumption, and more items to keep and pass on. Here are some of those that inspired us the most.

Clear Winners

Often more an element than the star of the show, Reflections Copenhagen  have made glass the focus of their compelling new range. Formed of dense solid shapes these pieces still mange to feel refined, with diamond cut faces and dazzling clarity: at once reminiscent of influences as broad as the jazz era, 30s dressing tables and pop art. An ideal unexpected gift for the aesthete that has everything, they will delight for their pure unexpected frivolity and enduring style. A future heirloom.

Ancient and Modern
Using 100% natural materials to create earthy, organic forms ceramicist Miriam Cernuda aims to bring the subtleties and grounding of nature to her work. We were especially captivated by these Terra plates in olive green lead free glaze. They come in slightly irregular shapes that when stacked, become a whole new object. These tactile wonders become a reason to linger over breakfast, instantly replacing a mass-produced work a day item with something that can become a treasured part of the everyday. A highlight of Maison Objet 2018,look out for her items at Working in the Redwoods.

Step Up

A Brutalist  favourite, touted as a social housing hero yet also carrying a large environmental impact, concrete has a complicated story. However, it is still a material that has an undeniable beauty. From the juxtaposition of a Parisienne Haussman panelling to undulating graphic lines, the designers of Concrete LCDA create slim panels that can be used in most interiors, lending commercial and domestic properties a unique warmth and modernist elegance. LCDA also work to recycle materials and water to reduce impact where possible.

Take me back to Memphis

In the 80s and early 90s the influence of the design group Memphis were everywhere. And many a housing development in London’s Docklands still sport the architectural flourishes that it spawned. Now Copenhagen based Sisters Amalie and Sarah Thorgaard have made another nod to the groups difficult yet enduring influence with their brand Ikon Kobenhavn. We liked the handmade tables that were both appealing and slightly challenging, just like many of the designs from Memphis leader Ettore Sottass. Launched in only 2016 and already a popular stand at Maison Objet 2018, this is one to watch.